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    Find Your Why and go Plant Based

    Find Your Why

    ​Find your why – why do I want to do this!​To find your why is one of the most important things we need to do when we set goals to make changes in our lives. It is important to have a very clear understanding of why this is occurring. Some people make resolutions at the […]

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    Types Of Plant-Based Diets

    Note: this post has been updated in September 2020Types Plant-Based Diets“Plant-based diet” is a broad term with different definitions. The goal of a plant-based diet is always to provide optimum health. Because opinions vary on how this might be achieved, different types plant-based diets have evolved. Each of these have food recommendations that make their type […]

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    What is a Plant Based Diet

    Note: this post has been updated in September 2020. You hear people talk all the time about “plant-based diets.” Let’s look at what is a plant-based diet and the variations or types of plant based diets? For the most part plant-based diets centers on whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. The basic description of […]

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    Plant Based Diet for Beginners

    Note: this post has been updated in May 2020. Plant Based Definition A Plant based diet will enable you to begin your journey to begin eating a plant-based diet which will help you overcome many illnesses, lose weight, and make you feel great. You’ll also be helping the environment due to eating fewer water-greedy animal […]

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    What is a Plant-Based Lifestyle?

    Note: this post has been updated in January 2020. When I mention plant-based lifestyle how does that differ from a plant-based diet?  I mean more than just a plant-based diet. I mean changes in the way you eat, sleep and play. That is a lifestyle, and it is much more than a diet. One of […]

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    Transition to a Plant-Based Diet

    Note: this post has been updated in May 2020. Would you like to feel healthy and vibrant? You can if you are willing to make a few changes! Are you overweight, tired and taking prescriptions medications and knowing all is not right with your body? If you are like most people you are eating the […]

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    How to stay motivated being plant-based

    How to Stay Motivated on a Plant-Based Diet

    Going from the standard American diet to a plant-based diet sounds easy and exciting in theory… until you try it out and discover how difficult it really is. While you’ll gain immense health benefits from a plant-based diet and your spirit may be willing – the flesh may be weak. It can be difficult sometimes […]

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    Why Eat Plant Strong

    Note: this post has been updated in February 2020. What is Plant-Strong The question is, with all the choices of plant-based diets, why should you consider a plant-strong diet or lifestyle? Many individuals are confused with the terms and use them interchangeably. You shouldn’t as there are differences and I will try to clear up […]

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    What is meant by Vegan

    ​Definition of Vegan ​The basic definition of vegan is someone who neither eats or uses animal-based products in their lives at least within the realm of reality. For example, using fuel is animal based since it’s petroleum, but most people still must use it to get around. Some vegans will still get operations that use […]

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    Is Plant-Based or Vegan Diet Better

    Which is better for you? There’s often quite a bit of confusion about the terms ‘plant-based diet’, ‘vegetarian” and ‘vegan’. Many people don’t really know the difference between the three for them to make an informed decision as to which is the best for them. So, let’s look at each diet in general. Plant-based diet […]

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    Plant Based Diet vs Vegan Diet

    Note: this post has been updated in September 2019. Plant Based Diet Vs Vegan Diet. A plant-based diet is no different than a vegan diet, right? Sorry, think again. Plant-based dieters may vary not only in their food preferences but also in their reasons for adhering to their preferred type of diet. In this article […]

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    Vegan foods better for you?

    Note: this post has been updated in June 2020. Are vegan foods better for your health than regular food? Be careful with your answer as you may be surprised! It seems that more and more individuals are reading the literature and heeding the warning about how terrible the American diet truly is, and they are […]

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    Getting Nutrients For Vegans

    Nutrients for vegans and how to stay healthy

    Note: this post has been updated in June 2020. Vegans and Plant-based: Nutrients for Vegans Are you a new vegan or plant-based person looking to make sure you get enough of the essential nutrients in your food? If you are vegan you need to be careful that you get enough nutrients in your food that […]

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    Dealing With Family and Friends

    Note: this post has been updated in June 2020. Anytime you embark on a life change, it will come with some form of resistance. The most powerful form is that of your family and friends. When choosing a plant-based diet, in a meat-eating world, it can be especially difficult for family and friends to understand. […]

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    Dangers of the Paleo diet

    Health Crisis

    Note: this post has been updated in June 2020. Dangers of the Paleo Diet – Is it really Healthy? The premise of the Paleo diet is if you follow this diet you’ll lead a healthier, fitter, disease-free life. I want you to think about this and determine if this is true and consider the idea […]

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